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Help Information

Note: Some organizations restrict their Users from downloading from FTP sites. If you are having trouble downloading (e.g., you are prompted for a User ID and Password, or just can�t download) try again later. If you are still unable to download, contact your Technical Support Staff to ensure that you have full FTP Download Rights.


Download Instructions

1. Click on the software or documentation you wish to download.
Note: All Installation Guides prior to 2000-2001 are oriented towards installation of software from diskettes. Future guides will address installation for software downloaded from the web. Steps 2-7 below describe the necessary steps for downloading and installing software directly from this site.

2. You should see something similar to the following screen:

File Download Dialog Box

3. Choose "Save this file to disk"

4. Next you'll see something like this:

Save As Dialog Box

4. Choose a location to save the file, then press the "Save" button (see image above).

5. Next you'll see a screen like the one below:

Transfer in Progress Dialog Box

6. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download may take a considerable amount of time (see table of Download Times above).

7. Once the software file is downloaded to the specified location, go to that location and double-click on the file in order to open and/or install it.

8. If you need assistance with the software itself, please refer to the page from which you downloaded the file and click on the "Technical Support" link found near the top of that page.

    This page was last modified on 03/25/2018